End of Week 1- Prototyping

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Build Season has begun, and we’ve been working hard! Kickoff was a week ago, on January 5th. This year, the FRC game involves moving balls and thin plastic disks- “cargo” and “hatch panels”- and placing them into “rockets” and “cargo ships” to score points. You can view an animation of the game here! Just like […]

Build Season- Week 5

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We’re two thirds into Build Season, and the robot is coming together! Construction and Electronics are working closely right now. We’re getting our custom parts from a CNC machine and putting together the robot. Once the robot is finished, all that’s left is code testing and bug fixing. Programming has to wait for a new […]

Week 4

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We’re back with another blog update as we head into Week 4! Programming has been very busy. They’ve been using the chassis of the old robot to test code for the new one. Construction has been busy CADing and finishing the robot we’ll be using in competitions. Electronics, meanwhile, has been creating a circuit board […]

Build Season- Week 3

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It’s time for Week 3, people! At the beginning of every week, we go over what everyone has been doing or plans to do in a blog post. This week, we’ll be building the drive base. Last week, Construction came up with a CAD design for it. Now we’re actually building it. Programming is going […]