Team Leadership 


Maddie Hain– Operations Captain

Maddie Hain is the team’s Operations Captain. Operations manages PR, grant writing, team scouting and our finances.

Joe Shen – Technical Captain

Joe, the team’s Technical Captain, had little experience with the club when he joined. Wanting to expand his knowledge, he participated often. He personally helped to build the programming board, and rose to assistant manager. Joe wants future members to know that organization is important, and wishes to thank James O for joining and working with him. When asked if he had any more comments, he said “Send me a picture of the closet in 2027,” referencing the overcrowded closet we use for storage.


Our mentors provide adult supervision and technical expertise.

Mary Rustia – Mrs. Rustia, a mentor and supervisor, teaches

Charles Olson – Mr. Olson, one of several mentors and supervisors for the club, is a Chemistry teacher at Mills High School. He also teaches a Computer Science Principles elective. Mr. Olson was originally asked to mentor us by the principal and another teacher, and stepped up to the plate. Mr. Olson supports the student-run aspect of the club. Mr. Olson wants to tell future members that safety is important, and also that “Robotics is the future.”


Construction builds the basic robot, including the frame. They often work cooperatively with Electronics during build season.

Grace Shang – Co-Lead

Roxanne Liang – Co-Lead


Electronics builds the center of the robot- the motors, wires and power that make it move.

Carolyn Yee – Lead


Programming creates a series of commands to move the robot manually, as well as an autonomous mode in which the robot operates automatically.

Aidan Lee – Co-Lead

Aaron Yu – Co-Lead


The operations department handles all the non-technical aspects of the club and is divided into business and publicity teams.

Annabel Sun – Publicity Lead

Sarah Chang – Business Lead

Ezra Chan – Scouting and Strategy Lead