End of Week 1- Prototyping

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Build Season has begun, and we’ve been working hard!

Kickoff was a week ago, on January 5th. This year, the FRC game involves moving balls and thin plastic disks- “cargo” and “hatch panels”- and placing them into “rockets” and “cargo ships” to score points. You can view an animation of the game here!

Just like previous years, we’ve begun our build season by prototyping several different mechanisms to use on our robot. We’ll be continuing our prototyping process for a couple of days, until we decide on a strategy and then build the best one for real to use at competition!

Once we finish prototyping, we’ll start assembling the robot. We work with CAD- computer aided design- to create a blueprint. Construction will assemble the frame and basic pieces, working closely with Electronics who will assemble the electronic parts like the motors and sensors. Programming, meanwhile, will create code that allows us to control or automate the robot. At the end of the six weeks of Build Season, we’ll have an impressive final robot that we’ll use at competitions. We hope to do well this year!