New Members

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Last week on Wednesday, we welcomed our new members at our school Club Fair! Many people showed up to our first meeting, which was that same day.

We played several construction games to practice our teamwork, collaboration, communication, and engineering skills. Teams built several constructions out of paper, based on a pre-built object in a separate room that was described by a “Looker” to a “Runner”, who would then explain the structure of the object to several “builders”. There were two winners, judged by the speed of building and the accuracy of the construction.

In addition to our ongoing Wednesday meetings, we have several events coming up. Our next event is our Parent Potluck on Wednesday, September 26th, followed by Mills Mania on Friday, an event where people can sell various items to fundraise for their respective clubs. After Mills Mania, we’re looking forward to Calgames, a yearly offseason competition that we will be attending on October 5th and 6th.

Look forward to upcoming ways to get involved!