Build Season!

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We’re now in the middle of the first week of Build Season! We’re working on planning and prototyping a new design for our robot.

Last week, build season kicked off on the 6th, revealing the new FRC game. In competition this year, robots will need to lift boxes onto switches and a higher scale in order to weigh them down and score points. The endgame involves climbing a tower to “defeat a boss.” There are several ways we can design a robot to complete some of these tasks. Prototypes allow us to figure out what is the best strategy to accomplish our goals. 

This year, we plan on going to two regional competitions: San Francisco Regional and Silicon Valley Regional, both in March. Next year we will also use this robot to go to one or two offseason competitions. As such, this robot is important.

The club is hard at work on trying to make the best robot we possibly can!