Build Season- Week 3

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It’s time for Week 3, people! At the beginning of every week, we go over what everyone has been doing or plans to do in a blog post.

This week, we’ll be building the drive base. Last week, Construction came up with a CAD design for it. Now we’re actually building it. Programming is going to do autonomous testing with it as well, hopefully. The robot is starting to come together. Meanwhile, Electronics is preparing to build their part of the robot. PR is working on submissions for FRC awards right now. We’re setting up an internal form so people can submit students for the Dean’s List award, which is about students that are good leaders and are dedicated. If a student garners enough support, we’ll make a submission about them. Unfortunately, we can’t submit everyone, however.

We’re working with teams 5026, 4904, and 4990 on a practice field at the San Mateo Event Center. Find out more at

So, we’re building our robot. The designs look great, and maybe we’ll win this year!