Week 4

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We’re back with another blog update as we head into Week 4! Programming has been very busy. They’ve been using the chassis of the old robot to test code for the new one. Construction has been busy CADing and finishing the robot we’ll be using in competitions. Electronics, meanwhile, has been creating a circuit board […]

Build Season- Week Two

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Hi everyone! We’re back with an update as we head into Week Two of Build Season! We’re currently finishing up and testing our prototypes. Once we know what design we’re going to use, we’ll build an actual robot and go to the competitions! We’re deciding between two prototypes for our cube intake- one where we […]

Build Season!

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  We’re now in the middle of the first week of Build Season! We’re working on planning and prototyping a new design for our robot. Last week, build season kicked off on the 6th, revealing the new FRC game. In competition this year, robots will need to lift boxes onto switches and a higher scale […]