Work Week

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We’re coming back this year under new leadership. This week is a work week, where anybody in town comes in if they want to do some work preparing for the new year.

To start off with, we’ve tentatively made plans for 3 (possibly 4) competitions this year: Calgames and Capital City Classic in the offseason, the Silicon Valley and maybe San Francisco regionals during the 2018 season.

Next, we’ve started looking at what we have and don’t have, and looking at new drive trains such as an octocanum drive. We are attempting this year to get to semifinals in offseason. We’ve also made plans to have a driving competition to get the best drivers for our robot.

Finally, each department is working on their own tasks such as repairing our old robot and using old parts to make new ones that will most likely be needed. After this week, there won’t be much going on until the main meetings begin.