Middle of week 4

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This is a mid week recap to describe what’s happened so far.

Construction: Construction has created a box prototype and a gear ramp for our robot. The department is currently refining and attempting to mount the ramp. Great job, Construction!

Electronics: The Electronics department has wired ultrasonic and photoelectric sensors onto our robot. They’ve also been working on the gear mechanism, and are creating a battery box. Good job, Electronics!

Programming: Programming has been working on code for deploying gears and aligning the robot. They’ve also created some of the code necessary to run our cameras. We expect their code to rapidly grow!

Public Relations: Our PR department has continued working on funding and grants, and so Nvidia and Solidworks have sponsored us. PR has also worked to streamline department communication by gaining and passing information from the other departments. Nice, PR!

Some statistics for this week so far: